Sunday, August 10, 2008

Myanmar or Burma

One day , i talked with one of my best friend , i told him that mainly people of Myanmar are the tribe from China . He said it's really impossible . We had an argument from then on . I told him that Myanmar origin is from China with a mixture of pure Indian -Hindu culture . He said it's totally bullshit . And then our argument lead to the Myanmar or Burma . I told him that Myanmar is correct ! Why ?? Have anyone of you read history ever ? History of our country before English colonial time ? ever ?? Is it Mon-Myanmar Kyout Sar or .. Mon-Bahmar Kyout Sar for King Kyan Sit Thar ? We have mainly 7 ethnics , Kachin, Kayar, Kayin ,Chin, BHAMAR, Mon , Rakkhine, & Shan . All together of us is Myanmar . Burma is the name that British people called us as an easy way .

And look at what do they left ? A full time crisis over the name sake . One friend said they will take Burma as the official name because Daw Aung San Su Kyi approved it . Why ?? Why don't people read history or am i wrong in it ?
Why ? Is the name really really that much important fot the developpement of Myanmar ? for all of the people who belong to the country called Myanmar ??
For what reason the name Burma or Myanmar really important .. Do anyone please tell me if i'm less educated .

And one reader of my blogs said that he's confuse about me as i said i'm 100% arakanese and then again i'm burmese . If i said overall , i'm burmese , (someone who live in the country Myanmar ) but yes as a ethnic , i'm pure 100% arakanese . So don't get confuse ok ?

Monday, March 3, 2008

My Global Cousins

I have cousins all over the world . But i don't know most of them .
Last month , my second cousin who we never know we exist visited Myanmar . We knew each other through one aunt . And I'm amazed ! We look so much alike :P .

My cousin visit here because she wanted to know Myanmar because she was born in America to a Burmese father and German mother . Her father never told her what is Myanmar . Aching to know her half-Burmese origin , she visited Myanmar and she learnt so much about her origin as well as she opened my eyes . Thank to her, i wanted so much to create this blog .

So , I have American , German, Australians, English , Canadian, Mexican cousins who are Burmese origins or half-Burmese . It is not only me who have cousins like this . Most of the Burmese people are moving out from Myanmar for better future life , and we all share the same situations . BUT they still care of our own cultures and heritage ? Forget about cultures and heritage .. They don't even know their own relatives . This is the truth !

This is not our fault that we are scattered all over the world and don't know Myanmar. But can we make it not our fault that our cultures is fading away because there are lesser Burmese who care their own origin ?

Can we make differences ? Can we keep up our good traditions and festivals and enjoy it even if we don't stay in our native place ?


Dear All,

I am a 21 years old Burmese . I only have one concern ; to let Burmese around the world to know that it is essentials for all of us to care and value our traditions and heritage.

We all are scattered around the world for different reasons but we don't leave because we hate the country , aren't we ?

Some of you may have kids who never knew what or where is Myanmar or , maybe it is you who don't even know Myanmar that was your parents' origin .

Please, just please open your eyes and see what really is Myanmar and what is destroying us .
You may think being Burmese is shame because we are the most looked-down South-east Asians . Why ? Our country's situation may be beyond our reach to help but that doesn't mean you have to abandon your traditions and cultures.
Make sure it is not YOU who forget where your blood comes from .